Hand made bracelets with gemstone beads. The hedgehog charms attached to each bracelet are hand hammered so no bracelet or charm is the same.

  • Igel Bracelet

    Igel Bracelet

    The more you know: Igel is hedgehog in German! Handmade bracelet with natural jasper and black beads. Also has a hedgehog charm attached.

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  • Kirpi Bracelet

    Kirpi Bracelet

    The more you know: Kirpi is hedgehog in hedgehog in Turkish! This bracelet is handcrafted and is made with brown and amber cat eye beads. A hedgehog charm is also attached to each bracelet.

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  • Rainbow Bracelet

    Rainbow Bracelet

    As most hedgehog owners know, the rainbow symbolizes the passing of a hedgie. This bracelet has rainbow beads that are meant to commemorate the life of the beloved hog. Handmade with glass beads and also has a hand stamped hedgehog charm.

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