Our Hedgie wear and Tiggy Tees offer cool designs on amazing t-shirts with a variety of fabrics. From performance wear to 100% ring spun cotton. Our Life on the Hedge shirts and clothing make a perfect gift for the hedgehog lover in your life. 

  • Charlie Tee

    Charlie Tee

    This Tiggy Tee is named for our first male rescue named Charlie. He is a hog of simple taste and certainly approves of this shirt.  Pre-shrunk 100% ComfortSoft cotton and tagless.

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  • Forrest Tee

    Forrest Tee

    This Tiggy Tee is named after our very first rescue, Forrest. Because she was the one to set our company in motion, these classic shirts are named for her. She is 2 years old and has obsession with mealworms, and she is the sassiest hedgehog you will...

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  • On Point

    On Point

    With Ginnie on the front of this shirt, how could you not be on point? Pair this shirt with a skirt or shorts to make your outfit look sharp! Made with 100% polyester that feels like cotton.

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  • Pattie Ann Tee

    Pattie Ann Tee

    This dip-dye Tiggy Tee is named after Pattie Ann, one of Forrest's babies. Pattie has proven to be the calmest out of her litter and is always happy to let you scratch behind her ear. Just like her, this shirt is for those who are ready to chill. Shirts...

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  • Petunia T-shirt Dress

    Petunia T-shirt Dress

    This dress is named after Petunia, a hedgehog we housed while pregnant. Petunia always knew what she wanted and what Petunia wanted, she always got! Be as sassy as her in our Petunia T-shirt dress; dress it up or down! It's perfect f0r any occasion...

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