As I drove to work today and listened to K-love, a song came on the radio that really inspired me. The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns really helped me get through some doubt. There are a lot of people that say our company will not make it. They choose to make fun and laugh rather than encourage. Well today, as I questioned our decision about starting our business and thinking that it probably won't ever work. This song came on and I have decided that no matter how many people say NO..I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth. No matter how many giants are in front of us or how many waves keep telling us we will never win, you never do. We have stepped out of our comfort zone and will choose to listen to the voice of truth. As the song says- Jesus is the voice of truth.


 Matthew 6:34-so don't worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own, tomorrow will have its own worries. 

I try to live by this verse and today, Jeff, was worrying about bills and the business but God provides. I use to be the worrier in the family. I worried if the tires were going to blow out on the car and we would hit a tree and wreck the car and the air bags wouldn't work and ect..they were new tires...I worried that I would get home and the house be flooded because of a burst water pipe..we have insurance...I use to stress my self out worrying about things I could not control, do I worry about fire..yes but because my hedgies are caged.. but God gave us the ability to plan. If you have a plan, usually even the bad will work its way out. God and The Lord always have a plan, it may stink at the time and yes, it is hard to remember when things are going to pot, that there is a plan. We both have carriers, good paying jobs, the bills will get paid, the business will grow and the hedgies will be taken care of. Faith. It is what I live on now, and love for the people that love me and attempt to love the ones that don't particularly care for me. That's the hardest part to do.


I think another hard part of growing a business is persistence. Walls at every turn and road blocks. I have to say, if someone says they rolled into town with nothing and make a million, I am skeptical, or they are a really good talkers. As we go down this road, I have to keep listening to the voice of truth. Occasionally it gets really muffled, then the Lord steps in and puts you back on tract. Being that this is a faith-based business, I look for signs. At times, they hit me in the face, at times they Gibb's slap me in the back of the head-note NCIS, and other times I miss the signs completely. I prefer the Gibb slap, but I guess out of all this, I am trying to say-keep trying and remember-

Mercy me-Even if

I know You're able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don't
My hope is You alone

and in the words of Finding Nemo

Keep swimming, Just keep swimming. 

eventually you will look up and there will be the Lord with his hand held out to lead you.